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PNP Training

Training for new PNP Members is provided by the Phoenix PD several times per year. 

We need more neighbors looking out for neighbors so please consider volunteering.  

What is PNP?  Read below an excerpt from the website:

Other than the few hours to take the training class, you just do what you normally do. There are no other obligations or responsibilities other than being aware as you move about your neighborhood.

You will feel pride in your new  awareness. Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol (PNP) training changes the way you think about yourself and your surroundings. The training classes are a one time event, and are just few hours long, they change your way of thinking about where you are are, what is happening around you, what you now look for and really observe what you see and hear and most importantly, who and how to contact to report what you’ve observed. From the time you leave the class, you will notice what the Phoenix Police officers have taught you will make a difference in your awareness. You will have a comfortable feeling of what is referred to as ‘situational awareness’… “you are are now aware of your surroundings, and what is happening all around you!”

This picture was taken during the July 22, 2017 class.



Remaining class for 2018 is November 3.

Classes for 2019 are January 26, March 23, May 11, July 27, September 14, November 16.

If you are interested, please send an email to or call him at 602-256-4303

Also, more information can be obtained by visiting

Posted by CPCA_Board on 07/26/2017
Last updated on 09/19/2018
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