Cactus Park Community Alliance

CPCA Meeting April 25, 2018



At our meeting on April 25th Phoenix Police Det. Justin Martin presented the "Virtual Block Watch" program to us.  If you have camera(s) on the exterior of your house you are encouraged to sign up with the Virtual Block Watch program.  Some points from the presentation:

  • Your camera may not catch the actual crime but could capture the escape or travels of the suspect or suspect vehicle.
  • Police cannot actively monitor your cameras.  (There is no connection to them).  They have to visit you and ask for your permission to view or download any images or video you may have.
  • Having your cameras registered with the program will assist police to investigate and potentially solve crimes much quicker than otherwise possible.

See the link on our "Pages and Links" page for more information on the program.


PNP hats purchased through the Block Watch Grant program were provided to PNP members.

All community members in attendance were provided with home made garage door anti-theft devices as recommended by "Rosie-On-The-House".

Looking forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting on May 23 at College America.

Posted by CPCA_Board on 04/27/2018
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Phoenix, Arizona