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PNP Mileage Reimbursement "How To" Document (Read Online)

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Mileage Reimbursement for Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol Updates

Requirements for mileage reimbursement:

Your neighborhood group must have applied for and received funds for PNP mileage reimbursement from the city of Phoenix’s Neighborhood Block Watch Grant Program.

The Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol (PNP) Program does not manage or oversee your grant funds, PNP’s only role is to provide documentation that PNP patrols were recorded by members meeting the grant programs requirements. 


Logging of Patrol Time and Mileage

PNP logs should be entered using

If the PNP member does not have a username have them contact the PNP Coordinator at or 602-256-4303




Filling Out a Log

PNP Logs for mileage reimbursement must include:

  • Date of the patrol
  • PNP patrol hours
  • Total miles patrolled
  • Start odometer reading
  • End odometer reading
  • Vehicle’s license plate 

If any of these are missing from the logs, they do not fit the grant programs requirements for reimbursement.  





A separate log must be submitted for each patrol.


If the vehicle does not have a working odometer it
does not meet the requirements set by the NBWG Program for reimbursement eligibility.



Requesting a Mileage Reimbursement Report

Either the PNP member wishing to be reimbursed or a representative of the neighborhood issuing the reimbursement will send an email to requesting the report.  The email should have a subject line of “mileage reimbursement request for…” and have the following information:

  • PNP member’s name and PNP badge number
  • Time span for the report
  • Email the report should be sent to 

The PNP Coordinator will pull the report. 

If any obvious errors are noticed in the report, the PNP Coordinator will let the requestor know so corrections can be made (see below for additional info).

This report is documentation for your grant and should be submitted
with the quarterly reports.  Think of this report as your “receipt”.

The report pulls all logs for the PNP member with odometer readings for the time period requested. It double checks the patroller’s math to verify the mileage and calculates the reimbursement based on the reimbursement rate at the time of the patrol.

Submitting the Report

Once the report is emailed back the patroller should verify the information on the report for accuracy and write their name and badge number then sign the bottom of the form.

This report is then submitted to the person who manages reimbursements for the neighborhood who would write a check to the patroller and keep this signed completed report for their records (like a receipt) and submit a copy with their quarterly grant report.

Correcting Errors

Most errors found in these reports are data entry or math problems. The PNP coordinator will return the report with obvious errors so the patroller can go in to and correct any entries.  They can do this using the “View My Logbook” tab.

Once the corrections are made simply email the PNP Coordinator to let them know so a corrected report can be generated.

Visit our YouTube channel for how to videos at

PNP Member Training Video Channel

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